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IT'S ALL IN THE MINDSET podcast w/ Lee Robson Spence

Navigating your way through reality can be puzzling... join British artist and designer Lee Robson Spence as he speaks with friends and peers about building a unique mindset focused on finding truth within creative expression, abstract thinking and a positive outlook towards living a fulfilling life, inside and outside the brain box.

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Insta: @leerobsonspence

Nov 13, 2019

Who am I? What's all this about? Listen to me mumble through the first episode of IT'S ALL IN THE MINDSET! Here I get used to recording my own voice and summarize what the podcast is going to be about. I also tell stories of what led me towards becoming an artist, including dislocating my knee at 15 years old, starting a t-shirt brand, traveling Europe and meeting my wife in a Paris hostel in 2013 before immigrating to the USA.